Empowering Communities for Sustainability (ECoS)

Education support for children
Education support for children

Who we are
Empowering Communities for Sustainability (ECoS) is a registered community based organization mothered out of love and passion to support vulnerable households and animals, ensuring that communities become resilient and self-sustaining. We are committed to bringing people and animals together, improving their health and wellbeing and advancing human education and creating programs beneficial to human-animal bond and their shared environment.

What we do
ECoS works to restore the dignity of humans and animals. We support vulnerable households targeting orphans and other vulnerable children, youths, the disabled, and women. Many people live in extreme poverty and violence, and have no one to protect them. ECoS believes that no child, woman, or youth should face these challenges alone. Everyone has potential and there’s hope even in the most desperate situation. The organization strives to attain a good standard of health and wellbeing for the community in order to promote healthy and productive lives by supporting education; health; community empowerment through livelihoods and community driven initiatives; research; advocacy and networking.

Iganga district has a large number of stray animals on the streets that are not vaccinated and lack proper shelter, housing, care and treatment which puts their lives at risk of accidents, food poisoning, diseases and hostility from people. They also pose a risk of diseases including mental health to humans. Many people are not aware or informed about animal welfare and care, its benefits and the dangers of neglecting animals. As such, ECoS focuses on awareness creation, sensitization and education of people on animal hygiene, health, care and referral.

Mission, Vision and Values

To holistically transform the lives of the community
A community free from all forms of exploitation where everyone can realize their full potential.

  • Respect
  • Inclusiveness
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork  
  • Transparency
  • Accountability