• Supported children having a moment of togetherness
    Supported children having a moment of togetherness

Welcome to ECoS

With a mission to champion community participation in development, Empowering Communities for Sustainability (ECoS) has placed people at the centre of all that we do since establishment in 2016 – believing that access to critical social services is not only a fundamental human right but is critical for expanding opportunities for children, youth, women, vulnerable people, families, communities, and nations, while paving the way for transformations in development.

ECoS is a Community Based Organisation (CBO) registered under Iganga District Local Government (Registration No. IDLG/549/16). The establishment of ECoS was inspired by the need to help the community especially women, children, youth and vulnerable people to access quality social services like health; education; water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH); employment opportunities; and to promote the spirit of self-help.

ECoS is headquartered in Iganga district and is governed and managed as a corporate body by persons of Integrity who practice Good Corporate Governance through its Board of Directors and an Executive Management Team headed by the Executive Director.


We ensure deep respect for people regardless of status or background. We treasure human beings in the implementation of ECoS programmes an strive to work with all people without discrimination.

We are honest and adhere to moral and ethical principles. We serve the needs of our stakeholders in a responsible manner and recognise our obligation to bear consequences of our actions and decisions. We are clear and open while performing our work.

Service quality
We strive to do the right thing at all times and are willing to learn from others. We are dedicated to excellence through quality assurance in everything we do, timelines and excellence in our service and live up to the commitments we set. We perform and deliver our outputs to the best of our ability with a focus on continuous improvement, professional development and attention to detail.

We share knowledge, opportunities and best practices for the benefit of our clients, partners and the development of our people. Our functional teams are built within the organization and among its partners to efficiently implement its programmes.